October 3, 2014 - The First Annual Red Root Music Festival

In the studio we are interviewing Cory Jocko (Mr. JOC) and Bear Armz from "The Storytellers" and part of the Red Root Studio. They are promoting a huge event on Saturday October 4th at The Native North American Indian Trevelling College, The First Annual Red Root Music Festival.

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October 2, 2014 - Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Project

On Tetewatharen today we have five guests with us to discuss the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Project (Ase Tsi Tewa:ton) and what it's all about. We also have a 2-day event on October 4th & 5th. Listen to today's show for more information.

Today's Guests:
Amberdawn LaFrance - Office Manager of the Cultural Restoration Project
Ranekentharon Angello Johnson - Hunting & Trapping
Tehahonkohtha Scott Martin - Horticultural & Traditional Food
Takatsitsionkie Cook (Tsionkie) - Medicines & Healing
Karonhiakwe:kon - Fishing & Water Use

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September 25, 2014 - Heart to Heart 9k Walk/Run Event

We have two guests gearing us up for the Heart-to-Heart 9k Walk/Run and to discuss the route as well as prizes. We welcome representatives from Heart to Heart Fitness, Roger Allen and a representative from the Boys and Girls Club, Jessica Cree-Jock.

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September 23, 2014 - SRMT Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program

On today’s show we welcome a couple of guests to the show discussing the St. Regis Mohawk Tribes, Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program as well as the upcoming disability awareness day event.

Joe Chamberland - TVR Program Counselor
Holly Boots – TVR Program Counselor

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