The next bingo will be on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Canadian Phone Numbers

(613) 575-2100
(613) 575-2101

American Phone Numbers

(518) 358-3426
(518) 358-3427


Play RADIO BINGO every Tuesday night with Reen Cook. Rules are read at approximately 6:55 p.m. and games start at 7:00 p.m.

  • Progressive Jackpot if you BINGO in 5 numbers or less in game 7
  • CKON is an active supporter of local business in Akwesasne and the surrounding area. With the sale of 50/50 bingo cards, 50/50 applicants have an opportunity to become recipients of the 50/50 procedes.
  • The first Tuesday of every month, games 1 thru 6 are paid in American funds.(Jackpot Game remains in Canadian payout unless otherwise stated or advertised.


    Akwesasne – CKON has received calls from radio bingo players asking for clarification on the distribution of 50/50 radio bingo funds.  CKON is happy to explain how the 50/50 funds are distributed.

    The 50/50 cards are sold for $2.00 per half-sheet.  The funds generated from the sales of the 50/50 cards are used to first pay the winner of the 50/50 bingo game one-half of what is generated.  The remaining half is paid out to the 50/50 recipient for the week. The payout to the 50/50 recipient is $750.  Funds remaining after the bingo winner and the recipient is paid goes into the community fund and is used towards requests for donations.  These donations include but are not limited to:

  • The Akwesasne Pow Wow
  • The Akwesasne Winter Carnival
  • Christmas Enchantment (Tsi Sniahne and Kawenoke)
  • The Akwesasne Boys and Girls Club
  • Akwesasne Holiday Helpers
  • Hogansburg-Akwesasne Fire Departments (1,2 and 3)
  • The Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance Service
  • The Three District Recreation Centers
  • Fire Victims (total home loss)
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Local dance Clubs
  • Kayaking/Boat Clubs
  • Donations to trivia fundraising events
  • Donations to community fundraising events such as benefit luncheons
  • Etc.

     CKON receives many requests for donations on a weekly basis. The amount of the donation depends on funds in the community fund.  The 50/50 funds are never used for CKON operational costs.  These funds are strictly for the community.  50/50 funds do not remain in the fund for long as a quick turn-around takes place to move the funds right back out into the community. This account is audited every year when the CKON annual audit takes place.

   To eliminate confusion regarding the 50-50 bingo game, CKON is renaming the 50-50 game to the Community Fund Bingo effective January 1, 2019.

    Should anybody have any questions regarding the CKON Radio Bingo they may contact Diane McDonald, CKON General Manager at 518-358-3426 or 613-575-2101.

     Akwesasne – CKON Radio is increasing the cost of the radio bingo 7-card bingo package.

    CKON radio bingo is the main source of revenue for the operations of the CKON Radio station, as reflected in the 2017-2018 annual audit, presented to the community in September of 2018 at the Akwesasne Communication Society annual general assembly.

     Due to the increasing costs in material and bingo supplies and after a thorough review, the CKON Radio bingo committee has recommended to the board of directors that a price increase for the cost of the CKON Radio Bingo Seven Card Package will go from $12 to $14 effective January 1, 2019 and the half-sheets will remain at $2.00 each.  The board of directors have approved this price increase.

     It has been a long time since the cost to purchase cards for a radio bingo player has increased, while costs have continued to rise.

   Not only does CKON radio bingo revenue contribute to the overall operation of CKON radio, but it also continues to “give back” to the community through the thousands of dollars that go back to the 50-50 recipients, as well as the weekly winner of the 50-50 bingo game.

     CKON provides more than just music and bingo and is essential to the promotion of all of the businesses, programs, events, and activities.  CKON radio is an essential service during community or local emergencies by keeping the local communities connected.

     The Akwesasne Communication Society and CKON radio staff is appreciative and grateful for the continued support shown by the CKON radio bingo players.

     Should you have any questions, please contact the CKON General Manager, Diane McDonald at 518-358-3426 or 613-575-2101.