Regular Bingo

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jackpot is


Last Week's Community Fund was $1,220


Next Week's Community Fund Recipient is:

Akwesasne Cultural Center/Working Tourism Group

On July 9, 2019 CKON will be offering QUICKIE bingo games prior to the start of regular CKON radio bingo.  The 3-card package will sell for $4.00 each and can be purchased at any one of the CKON radio bingo card distributors beginning Wednesday, July 3rd. 

Each Quickie bingo game will be a regular game and will payout $100 CDN!

For more information call 613-575-2101 or 518-358-3426

Canadian Phone Numbers

(613) 575-2100
(613) 575-2101

American Phone Numbers

(518) 358-3426
(518) 358-3427