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Chief Reports Six More Suicide Attempts in Devastated Canadian Attawapiskat Tribe

At least six more members have tried to take their lives in the past few days in a Canadian aboriginal community of 2,000 that has declared a state of emergency over repeated suicide attempts, its chief said Sunday.

There have been more than 100 suicide attempts and one death since September among the residents of Attawapiskat, in a remote section of Ontario on Hudson Bay.

Chief Bruce Shisheesh of the Attawapiskat First Nation, a Cree community, said Sunday on Twitter that two serious cases were reported Saturday, following four suicide attempts late last week. There was no immediate information on the conditions of the residents Sunday.


Obama signs measure to get rid of the word 'Eskimo' in federal laws

- Alaska Dispatch News

Changing attitudes toward the word "Eskimo" were recognized at the national level on Friday when President Barack Obama signed legislation that replaced that term with "Alaska Native" in federal laws.

The measure, HR 4238, ditches several terms that have fallen out of favor, or are considered offensive, from the wording of the Department of Energy Organization Act and the Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1976.

Bodies of Three Missing Men Discovered Near Oglala on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Levi Rickert - Native Neews Online

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION – Various law enforcement agencies are on the scene where the car bearing the remains of the three men who went missing 16 days ago was discovered just before dark Monday, May 23, 2016, about two miles from Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

The bodies of Juan Lamont, 24, Tevin Tyon, 21, and Tyrell Wilson, 23, were discovered in the car that was some 75 feet below an unpaved road near a ravine with the White River running through the area. The vehicle was found upside down near the river.

Washington Post Finds 500 People Who Don't Find R-Word Offensive; Half Say They Are Enrolled Tribal Members

Simon Moya-Smith - Indian Country Today

It didn't take long after The Washington Post published a report claiming 9 out of 10 Native Americans do not find the name of the Washington NFL team offensive before prominent Native American leaders and activists began calling it "flawed" and "irresponsible."

On Thursday, the Post said they polled 504 "ordinary Indians" throughout the U.S. and Washington, D.C.,  and found that "more than 7 in 10 said they did not feel the word 'Redskin' was disrespectful to Indians. An even higher number — 8 in 10 — said they would not be offended if a non-native called them that name."

Tribes Can Apply for $56M in Community Development Funds

Mark Fogarty - Indian Country Today

Tribes have until June 14 to apply for part of a $56.6 million pot of community development money.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development plans to make about 75 awards from its Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) funds in its 2016 disbursement.

The ICDBG money goes toward decent housing, suitable living environments and economic development opportunities for people of low- and moderate-income, HUD said in its Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA).

Hitch hikers warned as search continues for two missing people near Swan River

Riley Laychuk, CBC News

As family and friends search for two people who disappeared from the same Manitoba community within a span of just two months, they are warning others to avoid hitch-hiking for fears more people could go missing.

Both Lorlene Bone and Corey Chartrand vanished without a trace from the Swan River, Man. area. Both were last seen in Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, a first nation's community about 400 km northwest of Winnipeg. 

Harvard students shocked by residential school history, says N.W.T. elder

Katherine Barton, CBC News

A former N.W.T. languages commissioner says students at Harvard University were shocked and overwhelmed to learn the history of Canada's residential schools.

Sarah Jerome recently spent a week at the prestigious Cambridge, Mass., university and gave a presentation on the residential school system to a group of Canadian students.

"We just wanted them to know, become aware of what had happened to the Indigenous nation across Canada," Jerome says.

Hospital fails to warn woman of potential lung cancer for 11 months

Erica Johnson, CBC News

It took almost a year for a Vancouver hospital to contact Jenny Reiderman to tell her a suspicious nodule had been spotted on one of her lungs.

She received the crucial results from an emergency room doctor 11 months after having an X-ray.

Further tests revealed she has lung cancer, which has spread to her lymph nodes.

Now the 63-year-old is wondering if she'll see her 64th birthday.

RCMP officers with body cameras told to record use of force under interim policy

Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press

Mounties wearing tiny video cameras must hit the record button when there is "a high likelihood" they'll use force against someone, says an interim RCMP policy on use of the devices.

In general, officers have discretion as to when to turn on the body-worn cameras that clip on a uniform, or may be embedded in glasses or a helmet.

But RCMP members should not record every public encounter or conversation, according to the interim policy. And when "tactically feasible," officers are supposed to inform citizens when they are being recorded.

Mohawks to receive Congressional Medal

Denise Raymo, Press Republican

AKWESANSE — Akwesasne Mohawks who played a critical role in Allied communications during World War I and World War II will be awarded congressional silver medals.

American Indians used their native languages to send coded messages that could not be deciphered by enemy code breakers, which gave Gen. George Patton and the Third Army he commanded the advantage during campaigns on the African continent in the 1940s.

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