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The cost of freedom: A Cree elder’s take on modern resistance

Cree Elder Patrick Etherington recently spent a week at Inuit and Northern Affairs Canada, in Ottawa, educating public servants about his culture. This summer, he will expose more Indigenous youth to traditional ceremonies.

It’s an outcome few would have predicted, given that 55 years ago, Etherington was taken from his family at the age of six for cultural re-programming. His identity was systematically dismantled at St. Anne’s in northwestern Ontario — the notorious residential school that punished children with a homemade electric chair.

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says comments on 'drugged' medevac passengers were 'misinterpreted'

Melinda Dalton · CBC News

Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says he's sorry if people "misunderstood" remarks he made that have been criticized by Indigenous leaders as racist.

"Look, if there is something that I am not, it is a racist," said Barrette, flanked by the premier and other Liberal cabinet ministers, at an event in Montreal this afternoon. 

"I'm quite aware of the sensitivity of the issue and all the problems that the First Nations do live with and the challenges they are facing in this province and across this country."

Teepee back up at Sask. Legislature 3 days after camp members arrested by police

CBC News

A teepee was re-erected in front of the Saskatchewan Legislature on Thursday evening, after people were made to take it down by park and provincial authorities earlier this week.

"Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day, and what better way to celebrate that than bringing back the teepee that had been here for 111 days prior to that," said Robyn Pitawanakwat, a spokesperson for Colonialism No More.

The teepee was part of the Justice for our Stolen Children Camp, which was spurred by the acquittals of Gerald Stanley and Raymond Cormier in the Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine murder trials, respectively. Founders said the intention was to draw attention to Indigenous lives lost or affected due to factors like violence, foster care or addictions.

Legal recreational marijuana: what you need to know

John Paul Tasker · CBC News

The legislative battle over marijuana may be over, but as Canadians look ahead to Oct. 17 — the date legalization takes effect — there are some practical considerations that should be top of mind for those keen to light up legally.

First of all — and this is typical of Canada's federal system — not all provinces and territories are following the same path to legalization. Some are imposing different regulations on the drug within their jurisdictions. Two provinces, Quebec and Manitoba, are banning home cultivation altogether.

Canadians who cross the border frequently into the U.S. should prepare for American customs and border patrol officers asking pointed questions about their drug histories.

FBI: Sex assault on airplanes increasing at 'alarming rate'

Kevin Tampone - Syracuse.com

The number of sexual assaults reported on commercial flights is increasing at an "alarming rate," the FBI said this week.

FBI investigations into assaults on flights increased 66 percent between 2014 and 2017, the FBI said Wednesday, according to CNN. The bureau is not sure of the reason for the increase in reported assaults and noted the actual number could be much higher since many cases go unreported.

Akwesasne resident residence faces multiple drug, weapons charges after search of his home


AKWESASNE –– An Akwesasne man is facing multiple drug and weapons charges after a search of his home on Wednesday resulting from an ongoing investigation by St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Police.

Dana L. Francis, 43, was charged by tribal police with five counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, three counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, one count of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly possessing an assault rifle and seven counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines, according to a Facebook post by the police department. The drug charges all involved cocaine.

Celebrating Indigenous People Day

Lois Ann BakeAmanda Tarbell shows off some of the Native artifacts on Thursday. The Native North American Travelling College hosted a special event to share their culture.Lois Ann Baker/Cornwall Standard-Freeholderr, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

AKWESASNE — About 26 people got to experience what it was like to be a Native North American on Thursday by joining the Native North American Travelling College for a few hours.

Amanda Tarbell said they usually held an event every year on Indigenous People Day but this year they were approached by the Cornwall Interfaith Partnership to host something at the college.

Hogansburg woman charged with marijuana possession at Point of Entry


MASSENA — State police on June 9 charged Jasmine Buckshot, 23, of 45 Ransom Road, Hogansburg, with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana.

Troopers charge at 1 p.m. on June 9 at the Massena Point of Entry, Ms. Buckshot was operating a black 2010 Dodge Charger and, during an inspection by U.S. Customs Agents, was referred to a secondary inspection and found in possession of a bag containing approximately 41.8 grams of marijuana,

Ms. Buckshot was issued a ticket returnable to Massena Town Court.


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